Should I …?

Recall all those times you admonished yourself with ‘I should have…, I would have…, I could have…’ (aka the should-a, would-a, and could-a’s).  If you ever applied one of those ‘should-a’s to planting a garden, below is just the flow chart to assist making that particular decision.

When you have arrived at your conclusion, don’t succumb to further regrets! Instead, register today for the Oregon State University (OSU) Master Gardener Training Classes. Join fellow students who have a common interest in gardening, home-horticulture, educating our local community, and fellowship.  

The OSU Master Gardener Program is recognized in Tillamook County as the primary source for providing research-based information to the home gardener.

Weekly classes begin on Thursday, January 5, 9am at the OSU Extension Office, RTI Building, 4506 Third St., Tillamook. The Class Schedule is below, and full registration information can be found here. The registration fee is $150 which includes the Sustainable Gardening handbook. Scholarships are also available. Contact Sarah Ostermiller at 503-842-3433 or via email at

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  1. I’m already a master gardener through Multnomah County

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