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Should I …?

Recall all those times you admonished yourself with ‘I should have…, I would have…, I could have…’ (aka the should-a, would-a, and could-a’s).  If you ever applied one of those ‘should-a’s to planting a garden, below is just the flow…

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Finding the Mother Tree

Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest, by Suzanne Simard (2021) Part of the master gardener’s experience is a heightened awakening to the complexities of relationships in the plant world, and how we can explore that and broaden our own relationship…

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Registration for the 2023 OSU Master Gardener Training Classes has been extended to January 4, 2023. To take advantage of holiday gift giving, registration for Tillamook County Master Gardener training classes has been extended until January 4, 2023. These classes…

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Visit Us at the Fair! – Celebrating 35 Years

If the 2022 Tillamook County Fair is on your calendar, then a stop at the Tillamook County Master Gardeners Learning Garden is a ‘MUST SEE’. The Learning Garden is our show piece, and we are darn proud of it, too! This year…

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FINALLY — My Garden is Planted

There is hope – you still have ample time to plant your garden this year!  According to my garden journal, I am at least a month or 7 weeks later than last year.  It has been such a soggy spring,…

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