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Crows – The Smartest Bird in the World

A few robins are beginning to show up in the yard this past week. I’ve also seen one of my hummingbirds scouting the feeders. As they turn away I don’t blame them. The feeders need a THOROUGH CLEANING! But back…

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The Garden Jungle or Gardening to Save the Planet

This Eventbrite presentation caught my eye. The Garden Jungle or Gardening to Save the Planet presented by Dave Goulson. ‘The Garden Jungle is a wonderful introduction to the hundreds of small creatures with whom we live cheek-by-jowl and of the…

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Hellebores for Valentine’s Day

A lovely bouquet of vibrant red roses is the pre-eminent gift for your special loved-one on Valentine’s Day. But why not Hellebores, too? I received these beautiful photos from fellow Tillamook County Master Gardener, Mark Kuestner. He took the photos…

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Scotland Yards

HOW HEDGES BECAME THE UNOFFICIAL EMBLEM OF GREAT BRITAIN This article is particularly interesting and timely as February’s Growing Gardeners – Level Up Series topic is ‘Multifunctional Hedgerows’ with Pami Monnett. Participants will learn how to ‘design and utilize these…

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In Phytoremediation, Plants Extract Toxins from Soils

Researchers have a cheap, easy way for cleaning up oil spills: letting plants do the work. Why isn’t it used more often? Imagine a field contaminated by an oil spill. The toxins have reached deposits of water, and fumes have…

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