From The Apprentice…

Hello fellow gardeners, and those that just think flowers are beautiful, or just like to eat Veggies!

The season is coming to an end.  The new Master Gardening class for 2019 was just announced a few weeks ago and I wanted to hop on and explain what it was like, the first year.

I can’t call myself a true Master Gardener, yet.  I am hoping above all hope to get my Orange badge at our awards ceremony, but for now, I am ‘The Apprentice’.

That is what the first year students are called while they are working along side the other Master Gardeners.  We are Apprentice’s.

This year, even before the classes were over I was training and volunteering to teach the ‘Seed to Supper‘ program with the wonderful Folks at Food Roots.   It truly is an amazing program that helps people learn how to grow food in our area.  Especially if you have never grown ANYTHING!

A true honor to be involved in that program.

I helped with the plant sale.  A major fundraiser for our association and a great way to help the community get amazing plants specific for our area.

I mean did you see the Dahlia table .. and the tomato table!

By the way, I am sold on the Big League Tomatoes.  They were amazing in my garden this year.  They literally are still producing.  Slowly.. but I saw one this morning.

I learned and then helped with pruning.

I help in the office and answered questions and learned to test soil for the PH level.

There is just so much more….

The mentoring program they have created within this association is one that should be duplicated across all other agencies.  From the moment I entered the doors I felt welcomed, wanted, and valued.  There was always someone by my side that could answer my questions and let me tell you, I ask a lot of questions!

I am not the expert by any means.  Don’t expect me to identify a bug just by it’s hind legs.  And don’t think I can ID a plant off the top of my head.  But I know where to look to find the answers, and if I can’t find the answer I know who to contact to help me.

Looking back at this year I can not even express the wonderful friends I have made.  The people that have touched me and loved on me.  To think, I was so very nervous the first day of class I nearly threw up in my purse as we were all introducing ourselves.  And look at me now?  I can’t wait to head out to the learning garden and help pull weeds and work besides other volunteers and I am so tickled pink when they see me getting out of the car and they are sharing what they found or the extra’s they have.

I have made solid friends with the other Apprentice’s as well.  We all have found our own niche inside the association.  Doing what we love and helping others along the way.  I was worried, I wouldn’t find something to do that would be fulfilling.  I have instead learned not to speak up.  Or I will be leading the adventure.  It’s all just amazing!

I guess you could say I have found a family.  With a garden as our table.

I have heard from so many of you that have seen me in the video’s, you are all asking the same question… should you take the class?  Do I think you would fit in?

Yes and YES!!!!  My friends (that’s all of you!!!!  even if I don’t know you!) take the class.  If you like gardening, or even remotely think you want to start a garden and you want to meet some of the nicest people that also share that joy with you…. Please take the class.  You will literally find a group that will welcome you and come alongside you and show you the ropes!

There is laughter and fun and dirty fingernails.  What could be better?

If you are like me…. and you want to… but your getting nervous at the thought of new people?  find me.  I will be there on the first day.  And I will sit with you while you introduce yourself.  I will be your biggest cheerleader!  Because friend, you can do this!  And then December of 2019 I will be there to see you get your Orange Badge!

(watch now I won’t get one!! I am sure I passed all the requirements… great.. now I am nervous!)

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