In Just 3 Days…

In just a few short days, on a cold winter Thursday morning, there will be a group of people meeting in this room.


Sure the chairs will be arranged differently.

But the atmosphere will be the same.

The lively chatter will be heard throughout the building.

It will be the beginning of a 13 week journey into all things gardening!  A delight for the garden lover to the garden wanna be.  A place where friendships and bonds will be started.

You will be assigned a group, and mentors will be provided in that group.  You will be given contact information in case you have questions and you will, have many questions.

And your mentors, will be so kind in answering them all!

If you have signed up and have any questions please don’t hesitate to pop over to our Facebook back and ask away. As a long time ago professor once told a classroom of his student’s:  “There are no dumb questions.  Just stupid answers!” So feel free to ask us anything.  Just understand, we might not have the smartest answers!  But we will give it our best shot.  And as all good Master Gardeners know, we have ways of finding the answer’s.

If you haven’t yet signed up.  You are worried about sitting in a room with a lot of people. You aren’t sure how you will get a long.  Or you want to put it off for next year.  Just remember, I put it off for 8 years.  And it was one of the greatest mistakes I made in this county.  Trust me when I tell you, these people, these gardeners, are some of the nicest, most down home people you will meet!  They are from all over the nation, and they treat you like family.  Down to the hugs I get when I walk in the room.  You are family here.

So if you haven’t registered yet… you still can.  You can even show up on the day of the first class.  But try not to be late.  Because trust me… The first thing is introductions… and while they terrified me… They were the best start to the entire class!

We are looking forward to this year!  And if there is anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Welcome to the family!

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