OSU Extension Service Success with the Seed to Supper Program

Extension Service – Tillamook County
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[Tillamook, Oregon, 11/14/23] –

The OSU Extension Service – Tillamook County Master Gardener™ Program, in partnership with the Tillamook County Library and supported by the Tillamook County Library Foundation, is proud to announce the successful completion of the Seed to Supper program by six participants, aided by the dedication of eight OSU Extension Master Gardener™ Volunteers. This collaboration marks a significant stride in addressing food insecurity in Oregon, empowering individuals through the art and science of gardening.

Seed to Supper, a foundational gardening course, was initially co-created by the Oregon Food Bank and OSU Extension. It has evolved into a program fully managed and administered by the OSU Extension, with a strong focus on teaching essential gardening skills to combat food insecurity. The Tillamook County Library and the Tillamook County Library Foundation have been instrumental in this initiative, providing crucial support and resources that have greatly enhanced the program’s reach and effectiveness.

The recent cohort of participants in Tillamook County is a testament to the program’s success in fostering self-reliance and community resilience. These new gardeners have learned vital skills, from soil preparation to sustainable harvesting techniques, enabling them to grow nutritious food for themselves and their communities.

“The collaboration with the Tillamook County Library and the support from the Tillamook County Library Foundation have been pivotal in the success of the Seed to Supper program,” said Dakota Lager, Master Gardener™ Coordinator of the OSU Extension Service. “Together, we are not just teaching gardening; we are nurturing a community of informed, self-reliant individuals who can make a real difference in their own lives and those around them.”

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