Volunteer Service Hours & the 2022 OSU Master Gardener Training

Registration for the 2022 OSU Master Gardener Training TM is now open.  Instruction will be an online self-paced format with curriculum provided by experts in the particular area.  In addition to completing the online courses, class registrants will be required to fulfill 45 hours of volunteer service to earn their certification. 

S-o-o-o… how do I accomplish that?? 

Not – A – Problem! 

Development and coordination of volunteer activities is largely accomplished through the Tillamook County Master Gardeners Association (TCMGA).  Apprentices (new class registrants) are automatically TCMGA members upon registration for the first year where TCMGA pays annual dues to OMGA (Oregon Master Gardener Association – the statewide organization) on behalf of each apprentice.  TCMGA consists of an Executive Board and various committees to conduct business.

Opportunities to work towards fulfilling service hour requirements encompass a broad spectrum of activities such as:

  • Attending TCMGA meetings.  With Covid-19 guidance in place, these are being held via ZOOM
  • Volunteering in the Plant Clinic with a certified Master Gardener (Hardie Perennial).  Client questions about plants, insects, weeds, soil, etc. come into the Extension Office or via our email at TillamookaskaMasterGardener@gmail.com and distributed to Master Gardener volunteer to research and resolve.  This is an excellent opportunity to put what you are learning into practice.
  • Meeting the public at county-wide Farmers Markets.  We have a presence in Manzanita, Tillamook, Pacific City and Neskowin Markets throughout the season.
  • Building on your course understanding with hands on experience in the Learning Garden located at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds.  The Learning Garden boasts a green house and demonstration plots for natives, pollinators, shade loving plants, berries (including Hops) and composting site.  It is especially rewarding talking to visitors during the County Fair.
  • Participating in approved community projects, i.e., consultation with local schools developing gardens, plant recommendations, how to compost, soil testing, insect and weed control strategies.
  • Participating in TCMGA events such as the annual Plant Sale or bi-annual Garden Tour
  • TCMGA has a viable website, Blog (you are reading it now!!) and Facebook page.  Opportunities to enhance our presence on these platforms are always appreciated.    
  • TCMGA also partners with Food Roots to enhance educational outreach to for the community through the Seed to Supper Program a free adult beginning gardening program.

TCMGA’s membership is comprised of people who love gardening, extending their knowledge and expertise to the local community through practical hands on and instructional methods.  The OSU Master Gardener Training curriculum teaches research-based answers to home horticulture questions.  Whether you’re an avid experienced gardener, needing to start from ‘the dirt up’, or using this training in your work, I strongly recommend registering.  I’ve remarked many times the primary lesson I learned from taking this course is ‘how much I didn’t know!’. 

Register today!

Note: Recertification registration module for current Master Gardeners – Hardie Perennials – will be online soon.

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    • Morning Darcy: Please contact Julia Wentzel at the TIllamook County Extension Office, 503-842-3433 if you would like to register for the classes.

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