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I’m pleased to announce Tillamook County Master Gardener Association (TCMGA) is now able to accept donations to any of our three scholarship funds and to the Learning Garden located at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds on line. Our mission is to offer educational opportunities to area residents on sustainable gardening principles and research based horticultural practices in conformance with the Oregon State University (OSU) Master Gardener ProgramTM. Donations to any of these funds facilitates our efforts.

Tillamook Bay Community College Scholarship

TCMGA will actively support and fund college scholarship opportunities for Tillamook County college students who are pursuing degrees in horticultural, natural resources, and other agricultural sciences. We believe in continuing education and the advancement of scientific education, research and evidence-based practices to benefit society.

OSU Master Gardener Training Scholarship

(OSU) Master Gardener Program™ training classes are taught by OSU extension agents and horticultural experts. The program offers basic, practical courses in plant science and home horticulture. Classes include basic botany, methods for growing vegetables, lawns, fruit trees and landscape plants, pest identification and control methods, soil management and plant nutrition, and diagnosis of plant problems. TCMGA will provide financial assistance to OSU Extension Service’s Master Gardener class participants who are unable to pay the full amount of class tuition.

Oregon Master Gardeners Mini-College Scholarship

The Oregon Master Gardener Association (OMGA) and county chapters, in partnership with OSU, provide valuable assistance to the (OSU) Master Gardener Program™ that educates Oregonians about the art and science of growing and caring for plants. Part of that assistance is providing support for Educational Out Reach programs such as the Annual Master Gardener Mini-College. Donations to this scholarship fund will assist “Master Gardener of the Year,” “Early Bloomer”, “Learning Gardener of the Year”, and “Behind the Scenes” awardees with scholarships toward registration, room and board expenses at Mini‐College and/or toward registration, room and board expenses at the International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC).

Tillamook County Master Gardeners Learning Garden

Tillamook County Master Gardeners Learning Garden is located at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds, 4603 3rd Street, Tillamook. The Learning Garden is an ongoing educational project of the Oregon State University Master Gardener Program™ in Tillamook County — available for public enjoyment year-round.

The garden is a learning lab for all Tillamook County Master Gardeners who choose to participate. Each year Master Gardeners undertake special projects in the Learning Garden. A major addition to the garden was construction of a heated hoop house primarily for extended season use, but also serves as an educational venue for classes open to the public as well as our Master Gardeners. Contributions to the Learning Garden Fund are used toward expenses in support of our ongoing educational mission and for capital improvements – the latest being pavers around the Office Shed.

For more information and to donate to any of these funds, please go to our Donate to TCMGA page.

Tillamook County Master Gardener Association is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN #30-0064573. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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