How Fungi Changed My View of the World

Contributed by Michael Thomas and Nika van Tilburg

These are two incredible videos by Australian photographer Stephen Axford. How Fungi Changed My View of the World is approximately 32 minutes. Mr. Axford introduces himself providing a brief history how he became so intrigued by Fungi. Fungi Timelapse Photography is approximately 6 minutes.

Art People Gallery featured much of Mr. Axford’s work on their website noting ‘Stephen Axford is an ambassador for Sony Australia and has an international reputation as a specialist in nature photographer with a particular passion in macro fungi photography. He also has a unique expertise in time-lapse photography of fungi. The beauty and scientific accuracy of Stephen’s fungi photography have captivated national and international media, fungi experts and the general public, with a following that stretches from Patagonia to Vladivostok.’

Enjoy these videos. They are beautiful.

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