2020 saw TMCGA’s premier bi-annual Spade & Wade Garden Tour evolve into a virtual event. On the down side – visitors could not wander through the homeowners beautiful gardens and appreciate the scent and color of blooming plants, trees and flowers nor chat with homeowners. The upside, though is the gardens are now preserved in video form and available to a wider audience at any time.

From Manzanita, on to Wheeler, Tillamook, The Trask River and Lee’s Camp, you will see a unique display of gardens thriving along the North Oregon Coast.

TCMGA Member Sarah Ostermiller, worked directly with individual homeowners. Her collaboration with the Tillamook County Pioneer editor, Laura Swanson and videographer, Drew Reid resulted in the videos seen below. Our thanks to them and to the individual homeowners for their efforts and willingness to share their gardens with all of us.

Mark & Linda Kuestner

Manzanita, Oregon

This Manzanita garden may have a small footprint but it is huge in the scope and variety of plants and garden features. A combination of natives and exoctics thrive in the sandy soil, rains and winds of the Oregon coast to present a plant lovers paradise. Mark is skilled at building little garden rooms and vignettes utilizing containers, murals, plants and paths to delight the visitor at every turn.

Tim & Sandra Miller

Wheeler, Oregon

Tim has constructed a beautiful example of sustainable gardening and recycling wonders in his Wheeler garden. His driftwood sculptures show off a vegetable garden, pond and aquatic plants, a pollinator garden, a wonderful collection of carnivorous plants and so much more. Despite wildlife, a windy location and lots of rain, his garden is a great example of abundance and variety that can be grown on the Oregon Coast.

John and Barbara Casteel

Tillamook, Oregon

Barb and John have spent 30 plus years cultivating a garden filled with a variety of plants and garden objects in the heart of Tillamook. In the front yard you will find Barb’s bonsai collection plus dahlias, gladiolas and black-eyed susans to name just a few of the summer plants. There is also a ground cover spiral garden, lots of plants to attract pollinators and several japanese maples in this front space. In the backyard there is a beautiful espaliered apple tree with six varieties of apples. There are blueberries, strawberries, raised vegetable beds, roses, more dahlias, herb beds, a fish pond and a greenhouse. And they are not done yet. A native plant garden is the newest development in this diverse and busy urban garden. Be sure to view both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Casteel garden.

David & Corinne Dumas

Trask River

Nestled along the bank of the Trask River is a breathtaking garden that Corrine and Dave have created to the delight of all who visit. They have designed a garden that compliments the sights and sounds of the river with beautiful arbors, japanese maples, hostas and hydrangeas. Travel the pathways that weave through the towering fir trees or stop at a charming wine stop to sit, sip and enjoy the views.

Jim & Ann Reeher

Lee’s Camp

Jim’s grandparents homesteaded in the area now known as Lee’s Camp in 1889 and the homestead is still occupied by the descendants of the Reeher family. In 1989 they decided to build a garden filled with flowers and plants in memory of family members that have passed away. With roses and honeysuckle that date from the 1800’s to recent additions, it is a beautiful, comforting legacy to the lives of this Tillamook pioneer family.